2018 edition

We are proud to announce the opening of the KIFF (Kobane International Film Festival) for the first time in the renowned city of Kobane. A small city in northern Syria, whose great name have been carved in history for its resistance against IS (Islamic State). 3 years after it’s liberation, the Festival will have it’s main venue there so that the memory of it’s resistance and the thousands incredible stories it carries, can continue to resonate in the minds of its inhabitant and abroad.

To enhance dialogue, synergy and community across the city and global networks, the festival will open interactive spaces with workshops, panels and screenings where local realities and experiences from around the world can be shared, allowing for a real hub of cinephile and creative thinkers to emerge. This lively celebration of arts and cinema will take place around the themes of resistance, women and cultural sovereignty.

KIFF teaser!!

Pubblicato da Mihrîcana Fîlm a Kobanê ya Navnetewî su Lunedì 12 novembre 2018