BANOS FILM opens new centre in Qamishlo

After Turkey and its mercenaries attacked the city of Serekaniye and other cities and villages in the north east of Syria (Rojava), BANOS FILM together with hundred of thousands of people was forced to flee, leaving behind the beautiful premises it had spent months in cleaning and reforming to provide an office for the association which had already a tight program of activities planned. 

The activities had to be postponed but Banos Film people did not stop working. Indeed as Serekaniye was taken and occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, BANOS cameras continued to film the atrocities carried out by the invading army as well as the incredible resistance of the people and SDF, YPG and YPJ fighters. 

Banos’s cameras documented the battles and took photos of the migration, building up a new, sad archive. The association managed to save the previous archive from the city before it was taken by Turkey-linked mercenaries, although not all material could be saved. 

BANOS FILM members were sad and hurt but absolutely determined to continue their work, and the funds provided by the Province of Bolzano were crucial to the new planning of activities of the association. 

A new BANOS FILM center was set up in Qamishlo and the program approved by the Province of Bolzano began to be developed and implemented. 

On 22 January 2020 the new BANOS FILM centre opened its doors in Qamishlo, celebrated by its members and many friends, cinema lovers, directors, actors, intellectuals, and citizens.