Komina Film Rojava

Komina Film a Rojava (Rojava Film Commune) is a collective based in Rojava.

Among other things it organise the Kobane Film Festival.

Here is a presentation of the work made by Komina Film a Rojava.

Komina Film Rojava
  • Rojava Film Commune opens offices in Kobanê
  • The Rojava Film Commune promotes Kurdish cinema.
  • The Rojava Film Commune has its own offices in Kobanê. Indeed, on Sunday the opening of the new building took place with a ceremony which saw the participation of a large crowd.
  • The opening was at the Baki Xido Cultural Centre.
  • Speaking on behalf of the Rojava Film Commune, Zilan Hemo said that the aim of the Commune is to promote and spread Kurdish cinema.
  • “Kurdish films – she said – are few, and this building is an important step for Kurdish cinema and its development”.
  • The new building was opened by mothers and a short film screening was organised during the day.
  • Cinema has been an important part of the cultural work of the Autonomous Administrations in Rojava.