The Herekol Book Fair promoted by Jazira Region Culture and Art Committee opened with the slogan “A reading society is a developing society”.

Some 34 institutions, publishing houses, cultural committees, writers and intellectuals are participating in the fair at Zana Hall. The opening of the fair was attended by Martyr Hisên Şawîş (Herekol) family, YPG, YPJ, QSD commanders, Co-Chairs of the Autonomous Administration Council of Northern and Eastern Syria, and residents of the city.

Some 8,500 books in Kurdish, Arabic, English, Turkish and Syriac languages are on display at the fair. The public will be also able to enjoy a photo exhibition about the resistance of the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria.

Speaking at the opening of the fair Jazira Culture and Art Council Co-chair Ilyas Sîdo, thanked the participants, and reminded that the fair bare its name to Martyr Herekol who sacrificed his life for the sake of public service, he said.