7th Edition of FilmAmed Documentary Film Festival opens today

FilmAmed will present 44 documentaries in this which is the 7th edition of the festival.

The 7th FilmAmed Documentary Film Festival opens today in Amed. The festival will continue until May 12 and offer movie lovers a rich selection of documentaries.

Çınar Doğan, member of the Middle East Cinema Academy Association, spoke to ANF about FilmAmed Documentary Film Festival.


He said that FilmAmed will present 44 documentaries in this which is the 7th edition of the festival. This year, the main theme would be the borough of Sur, said Doğan. “How do we build a new life after such an attack and after such a brave resistance. This will be the theme around which documentaries and discussions will develop. We have documentaries from Ireland to Rojava, from Rojava to Afghanistan and they focus on an alternative living. The important thing is that we provide a platform to share ideas and experiences.”

20 of the 44 documentaries are by women directors

Doğan added: “One of the striking details of this year’s festival is that 20 of the 44 films we present are directed by women. I’m thinking that describing life from a camera held by women will have important effects on the audience. – said Doğan – The woman who you see watching in the poster is drawing attention to the place she is looking at. There are also documentaries produced by women’s collective. In addition, there are works coming from all 4 parts of Kurdistan and they are not just about assimilation but also about the achievement reached in Kurdistan.”

Doğan continued: “We have a documentary about the life of a woman emigrated from Sudan. We have a documentary called Belf Aslan, a documentary about the post-war period.”

FilmAmed will be held from 8 to 12 May. Today the opening will be held at ÇandAmed Cinema Hall.  “FilmAmed – said Doğan – will again take place as free as ever.”

Festival Venues

Films will be screened at Amed Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Congress Center and TMMOB Chamber of Architects Amed Branch.

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