The festival consists of plays, poetry, stories, lectures and seminars, exhibitions. This year the festival, organised by the West Kurdistan Intellectuals Union, is dedicated to Afrin.

The Festival opened on 13 July with the speeches by the Cultural Committee and HRRK (the West Kurdistan Intellectual Union) which also organized this festival.

This year the festival presents an Art Gallery with works from 11 artists.

The Festival will last until 18 July and the days offered a discussion session and a seminar, as well as readings and films.

The Festival will present the play by Sherzan “A Missed Call” as well as 4 films: Hozan Ebdo from Afrin will present “Leyla”.

Shero Hindi from Qamishlo will present “Stories of Plundered Cities”, Azad Evdike from Serekaniye, will present “The Shadow of Mountain Kurmenc” and Rezan Omar from Qamishlo, will present “Al- Mukhtar” (“The Chosen”).

This year the Prize of the Union for Innovation will be awarded. 

The festival is being attended by many artists and intellectuals, 65 of them Kurds.

This happening is held annually in different venues. The first festival was held in Wuppertal, Germany in 2014 while the 2018 festival was held in the city of Kobani.