Azad Evdikê:  Born in Serêkaniyê in 1977. Was a teacher but like the Rojava Revolution changed everyone’s life, it changed his too. He was always interested in cultural works and especially he was in love with cinema.

  • DIBISTAN (School / short film)  director & scenario
  • GIYANÊ AZAD (Free soul) dubbing & director
  • BAKUR (North / documentary film)  dubbing director
  • BIHUŞTA MIN(My Paradise/ film ) assistant director of AKREM HIDO
  • ROJAVA (film) director & actor
  • DIZIYA BEXCE  (Hide-And-Seek in The Garden / theatre for children) scenario & director
  • DIKTORÊN VI ZEMANî  (Doctors of This Time / theatre) scenario & assistant director
  • KOBANÊ PIŞTGERIYA WE DIKE (Kobanê  is Supporting You / theatre) scenario & director, There was all kinds of art in this theater play; the dance, music and theater were altogether.
  • MAL Û DIBISTAN (Home and School / short film) scenario & director. This film was ready to start to shoot and also the scenario was sent to the festival. However due to the bureaucratic reasons it has been suspended now. But in a short time I will start to shoot the film.

Rojin Shekh Hamo: Born in 1995 in Serekaniye.  Graduate of English literature from Tishreen university. Worked as a translator since 2018. Worked in public relations and communication in Banos film collective.

Yûsif Şêx Hemo (Yousef Shekh Hamo): Born in 1997 in Serekaniye. Worked in Welat FM broadcast as a photographer in 2017.Worked in Washukani FM broadcast as a photographer in 2016. Works as a voice recorder and photographer in Banos film collective.

Diyar Maoo: Born in 1991 in Serekaniye . Graduate from the Economic faculty of Al-Furat university. Worked with many radios like Arta FM and the Voice of the Self-administration. Works as a production manager in Banos film.

Yousef Bero: Born in 1997 in Serekaniye.  Studied at Law faculty in the Al-Furat University in Al-Hasaka. Worked in Arta FM Radio as a photographer for two years. Worked with many local news agency as a freelance camera man.


Bibi Bozzato: Born in Venice

He has written and directed: Berxwedan (2007, with Orsola Casagrande); 301 (2008, with Orsola Casagrande); Con lo Que Tenemos (2010, con Orsola Casagrande).

Orsola Casagrande: Born in Venice, worked for over 25 years with the daily national paper Il Manifesto. She is the co-editor of information platform and international magazine, Global Rights.

She writes regularly for several papers: Berria and La Directa. She was among the organizers of the Kurdistan Pavillion at the 2009 Biennale in Venice (sponsored by Venice city Council). She has translated into Italian The Street and Free Ireland by Gerry Adams; The Second Prison by Ronan Bennett; True Believers by Joe O’Connor; Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said; The Fountain at the Centre of the World by Robert Newman; “Road Map”  by Abdullah Ocalan, among others. She edited The Book of Havana (Comma Press, 2017).

She has written: Miners: The History of Tower Colliery Coal Mine; Europe Tomorrow: Conversation with Tariq Ramadan;  Berxwedan: the History of the Kurdish Liberation Movement via the History of a Band.

She has written and directed: IRA (1993, with Luca Pastore); Berxwedan (2007, with Bibi Bozzato); 301 (2008, with Bibi Bozzato); Con lo Que Tenemos (2010, con Bibi Bozzato).