BANOS FILM was born from the tireless work of a young filmmaker, Azad Evdike, who together with other young people interested in film, audiovisuals and photography have recovered a space in the city of Serakaniy.

The Centre aims at conducting workshops and work meetings, film courses and their techniques, promoting and supporting the work of young filmmakers in the city, film screenings for the population, spreading and promoting ideas in the educational system and support for the Komin film festival.

To start operating the Center needs some construction works and equipment related to the audiovisual. The Centre will also create a video library open to all citizens and aim to establish a “video of memory” fund that collects the stories of citizens as an element of support for overcoming post-war trauma.

In order to carry out the activities and ensure their operation, the following would be done as follows:

• Creation of a group that facilitates the exchange and organization of the video fund, as well as its cataloguing, and that deals with the technical aspects related to the organization and day-to-day operation of the premises.

• Creation and training of a group of “story collectors” who will take care of the activity of collecting personal stories and visions through video recording, starting with those offered by the users of the Center who want to create a video library of ever-growing memory.

• Exchange of the Centre with other similar centres/associations in Italy and Europe in general, and organization of events via Skype.