Leloun international festival for afrin

A film festival takes place inside the camps where the people of Afrin live as refugees in their own land. A festival in the shadow of the devastating war of people, stones and trees.

This is Leloun International Film Festival. The organisers have invited films from all over the world from amateurs and professionals. The festival will be accompanied by artistic activities within a cinematic week preceded by an official art opening, interspersed with a closing ceremony, coronation of winners and the distribution of prizes.

The festival is scheduled to open on 21 September, but dates may change because of the coronavirus pandemic. Submissions however, are going to be received until 15 August.

The organisers write: Cultural integration is an objective that must be realized while preserving the identity and privacy of each culture, and this is done through international cultural activities such as artistic and literary festivals, where each culture is defined and what distinguishes it from other cultures …  so LELOUN was. 

Perhaps the launch of a film festival in the conditions that the entire Syrian homeland and the regions of northern and eastern Syria (Rojava) in particular, and especially occupied Afrin and the displacement of its people to Al-Shahbaa Province, are the most expressive message of the will and resistance that characterizes the people of Rojava, and it may remove blurring from the eyes and eliminate deafness From the ears that stood deaf and deaf to what happened and happen throughout Rojava, especially the occupied Afrin.”

The festival’s website can be found here