MY PARADISE // MEIN PARAIES // BIHUŞTA MIN // جنتي Since the Arab Spring has reached Syria, a relentless civil war has shattered the city of Serêkaniyê. Based on the story of a few former classmates pictured in a photo taken 25 years ago, the emergence of the Syrian Revolution arerecounted. The film sheds a light on the local cultural multifariousness and shows the evolution and conflicts of an entire region. Script, Cinematography & Direction Ekrem Heydo Starring Ara Kechichian, Vano Grgs, Muzhar Osterkhan, Siyamed Osman , Almaza Eyanê, Abid Xelîl, sîpan & Viyan Xelîl, Imad Ibêd, Ghada Aziz, Hussein Shekho, Abdilahad Garagoz, Kemal Dêfo and Izzedin Al Juddan Filmeditors Franziska von Berlepsch Production artîstîk film Producer Ekrem Heydo Supported by The Arab Fund for Arts and Cultur and FÎLMAMED