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“Jiyan” tells the story of women resisting in Rojava

“Jiyan”, a film about the freedom struggle of the women resisting in Rojava, will be screened for the first time on March 8. The first screening of the documentary film “Jiyan” will be held in the Northern Syrian Federation on March 8 International Women’s Day. The festival route of the film will be determined by late February.

FROM THE PRESS RELEASEThe press release of the film says, “Who are the women who resisted in Kobanê yesterday and Afrin today? Are they terrorists, or are they freedom fighters? What does ‘a women’s revolution’ mean? The story of Jiyan is the first feature length documentary that seeks the answer to all these questions. The premiere screening of the film will be held in the Afrin Canton of the Northern Syrian Federation on March 8 International Women’s Day.


The press release points out that ISIS experienced its first defeat at the hands of YPJ fighters and that producer and director A. Haluk Ünal went to Syria in the days of the Kobanê resistance, quoting the following from Ünal: “The duty of art is to look at the human, to understand her, to perceive her limits, and in this sense to produce information and pose important questions for humanity. We look at the factory and office slaves in the city from every angle, so what about the people who fight for a revolution? Who will look at them if not for the artist? And, wouldn’t it have been disloyal to myself if I didn’t put my camera there as all these happened every day just under my nose? The director said Turkey is ruled by a fascist dictatorship and that he has had to accept a life of exile in Europe.

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